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Basczax - Madison Fallout


On this date in 1979, Basczax released their only single, "Madison Fallout". It was backed by "Auto Mekanik Destruktor". The Teesside, England post-punk band was formed by Mick Hylton, formerly Mick Sick of punk band Blitzkrieg Bop.

Blogload: Obscure DIY Classic 7 inches - Volume 4 - includes Basczax "Madison Fallout" and "Auto Mekanik Destruktor" -


ron said...

Basczax does have 2 other tracks on the Earcom2 Fast Records sampler,(Kirlean Photography and Celluloid Love) most notable about that sampler is the 2 Joy Division tracks

Club80 said...

Thanks Ron. I'll have to seek that out.

Anonymous said...

Basczax was formed by Mick Todd, a Redcar, Cleveland UK, based Bass player - nothing to do with Blitzkrieg Bop - two members of that band DID JOIN Basczax in early 1979 to complete the line-up that recorded these tracks and the Earcom 2 tracks.
Basczax also released a cassette only album 'Terminal Madness' in 1979. There has recently been talk of a compilation CD provisionally titled 'The Eyeliner Years'.

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