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Virgin Prunes - A New Form Of Beauty 1


On this date in 1981, Virgin Prunes released their third 7 inch record. They called the record, A New Form Of Beauty 1. First, the contents. It was a seven inch single that included three tracks, "Sandpaper Lullaby", "Sleep" and "Fantasy Dreams". The "A New Form Of Beauty" series was designed to be a series of releases, numbered accordingly. An album, A New Form Of Beauty Parts 1-4, was released as a double album which included all three of the songs on the first part plus the other three parts. Virgin Prunes was a Dublin-based goth band whose members were childhood friends of Bono and The Edge from U2. They disbanded in 1986.

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BOZ said...

Between A NEW FORM OF BEAUTY and IF I DIE I DIE, the Virgin Prunes succeeded in producing 2 incredibly important records before floundering with dwindling line-ups and inflated egos. The A NEW FORM OF BEAUTY series - a 7", 10" and 12" with the crinkled paper cover was truly inspired and of course contains the majestic COME TO DADDY.... it was for all intents and purposes Ireland's answer to Pil's METAL BOX... which is all the recommendation it'll ever need! I wonder how much the set of 3 records goes for now amongst collector frag?? ( Part 4 was a cassette - doubt there's many copies still about at this point!! ).....

mug said...

Thanks, as always. I have 1-- 3 on vinyl but was never able to snag part 4. cheers!

Club80 said...

Nice comparison Boz. Virgin Prunes were an truly underated and underappreciated band.

And Mug...Cheers to you too!

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