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Toyah - Thunder In The Mountains


In September of 1981, Toyah released their eighth single, "Thunder In The Mountains". It was backed by "Street Addict". The 12 inch also included "Voodoo Doll". None of the tracks originally appeared on albums but all found their way onto CD's as bonus tracks. "Thunder In The Mountains" wound up on the first CD re-release of their third album, Anthem, but did not appear on the second version of the CD. Instead, it would up as a bonus track on the fourth album, The Changeling. "Voodoo Doll" also would up on The Changeling. "Street Addict" wound up being a bonus track on the CD release of their first full-length album, The Blue Meaning. The single reached the #4 spot on the U.K. singles chart. The Birmingham, England post punk/new wave band was fronted by Toyah Willcox. She stepped away from music in 1997 to concentrate more fully on her acting career but has resurfaced with her band in recent years.

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BOZ said...

I still have this single... it's easily the best of the big Toyah hits.... the sleeves always looked great and often overshadowed the overproduced pap contained amongst the odd moments of strange music... I liked the idea of Toyah but always thought Lene Lovich and Nina Hagen were superior purveyors of this sort of post-punk vaudeville... Saw her play a great gig with an acoustic band in '94 in a small club... very rhythmic and tribal... kind of more in a BowWowWow kind of vibe... it's possible this band even recorded although I've never come across it....

Anonymous said...

Although Toyah's acting career did take off, her music career was still very much active through the 90's. Though touring may have taken a backseat.

1987 Desire
1988 Prostitute
1991 Ophelia's Shadow
1991 Sunday All Over The World
1994 Dreamchild
1994 Take The Leap
1995 Looking Back
1996 The Accoustic Album.
2002 Little Tears Of Love EP
2003 Velvet Lined Shell
2008 In The Court Of The Crimson Queen.

Of course, various side projects along the way. There was a pause between '96 and '02, but that was it.

CN said...

I recently got a rarities CD called Mayhem, plus several of her other early reissues - some great stuff, I really like The Blue Meaning alot. Also just love PROSTITUTE from 1988 - use of jarring loops on some awesome tracks like Jazz Singers In The Trees. Also got a spoken word story thing she did with husband Fripp - her voice is just so cool and funny to listen to. Is any of her 90s and recent stuff any good? I heard a new track on youtube recently and was very disappointed.

Club80 said...

Thanks for the note, anonymous. That "1987" was actually a typo and should have said "1997".

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