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Throbbing Gristle - Greatest Hits (Entertainment Through Pain)


On this date in 1981, Throbbing Gristle released their fourth studio album, Greatest Hits (Entertainment Through Pain). It contained the singles, "Subhuman" and "Adrenalin". The album was part compilation of previously released material and part introduction to new material. The band was never commercially successful so the term "greatest hits" was ironic. The London post punk/experimental band was, however, extremely influential and are credited as being one of the founders of industrial music. They released a tremendous number of live albums over the course of their career and a few studio albums as well. They lasted until 1981. Genesis P-Orridge and Peter Christopherson formed Psychic TV. Throbbing Gristle re-formed in 2004 and have been somewhat active.

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BOZ said...

Excellent introduction to this band.. there's so much sludge and sub-standard live fodder that it can often be difficult to know where to start. The only thing that this record is missing is SOMETHING CAME OVER ME and DISTANT DREAMS to make it pretty much TG in a nutshell!!!

CN said...

I have the massive 'TG24' CD box set to sell. I bought it off Amazon this year and have now finished with it so to speak, and cannot afford to keep it. However, I'm finding it difficult to become a seller on Amazon to re-sell it and am looking for other options. It is basically TG's first 24 live performances each on one CD. 1976 - 79 basically.

I agree that Entertainment Through Pain is probably a good starter for someone not familiar with them. I still think however it lacks much in the awesome power of many of their live tracks. I got into them first about 1984 through being into the more accessible electro of Chris And Cosey. On every single one of the 24 CDs there is some amazing performance never to be repeated on any other release and many of the shows are brilliant from beginning to end. I agree Something Came Over Me and Distant Dreams are great.

One record I would highly recommend to anyone wanting to hear the best example of where their live sound can excel is Heathen Earth, although it is only recorded “live in studio” with limited audience. I think it is their greatest album. Harsh guitar and electronics, with a very desolate, angry but relatively accessable and clear sound.

Their recent album The Endless Not is really cool,and they have a new one out soon if not already out which is apparently a cover version of Nico’s entire Desertshore album.

One question – Club80, have you guys considered doing Chris And Cosey blogs ? I personally don’t need the blogloads as I’ve collected all their stuff over the years, but the stuff they released in the early 80s certainly qualifies as great electronic postpunk.

CN said...

Don't suppose any other TG fans out there would happen to know of blogloads for their albums Blood Pressure and Giftgas ?

BOZ said...

Never heard the GIFTGAS recordings either ( or the BLOODPRESSURE one for that matter... as an early cassette recording I'd be interested in hearing this too... there's always unissued gems in their pre-Second Annual Report days..... They're both on Dossier so surely they're not that obscure???
So much great stuff was spawned from TG after the matter too - Coil ( although a lot to wade through to find the gems - ASTRAL DISASTER is a definite high point ), Chris & Cosey/CarterTutti ( very little filler!! ), occasional Psychic TV recordings ( the PT3 record from last year is one of the most coherent things P-Orridge has done since TG )... and various other solo efforts - Chris Carter's A SPACE BETWEEN is primal 70's electronics at their very best!! TIME TO TELL by Cosey is pretty spooky and Peter Christopherson's new THRESHOLD HOUSEBOYS CHOIR project it also pretty amazing!!

CN said...

Thanks a lot for the tips re Coil, PT3 and Peter Christopherson's new one, Boz. I totally agree Space Between is great, and Cosey's Time To Tell is just phenomenal. One C&C release I cannot recommend more highly, if you haven't already heard it, is the Library Of Sound series they did in the mid 90s, in particular the third one entitled METAPHYSICAL - spooky instrumental music of the absolute highest order. Also Chris Carter's live album DISOBEDIENT. Cosey has just collaborated on a strange vocal cut up thing COH PLAYS COSEY - I found it patchy but very good in parts - download available from bleep.

Alan Burns, TG nut said...

Re: the Dossier CDs, these were all unauthorised compilations put together by that label during the 90s. Despite most of them saying "vintage early TG from 1975" and suchlike, there's very little truth in these claims; 'Blood Pressure', for instance, is a mix of live material from 1980, and studio material from the TG tape "Pasttimes/Industrial Muzak", recorded ca. 1978.
'Giftgas' and 'Kreeme Horn' are both dull and aimless enough to date from TG's early-mid '76 studio jams, when they hadn't quite found their feet as an improvisational unit.
For some downloads of vintage TG cassettes in their original format, ie not chopped and shaped by Dossier, you could do worse than a 'Throbbing Gristle' search on the following Blogs: Because God Told Me To Do It, The Thing On The Doorstep, Mutant Sounds, Sickness Abounds, and Direct Waves.

Chris Noaro said...

Alan, hey thanks for the info - I'll be going sraight to those sites.
I've got Kreeme Horn and quite like most of it.

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