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Modern Man - Concrete Scheme


On this date in 1980, Modern Man released their debut album, Concrete Scheme. It contained the singles, "All The Little Idiots" and "Body Music". The Glasgow, Scotland post punk/new wave band released three singles and an album in 1980 but were almost never heard from again.

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Ohso Kool said...

What ever happened to Jeff Foss?

I'm a hip hop and soul/rnb dj mostly, but would listen to PPPPP religiously every Saturday in the 80's.

I would flip back and forth between WBLS, KISS/WRKS and WRHU, since I was too young to hang out at clubs on Saturday nights.

I learned a lot about music from that show, and i'm glad I stumbled upon this blog.

MOOKIE said...

Unfortunately, we have no relationship with The original P5 other than being fans like yourself. We just "borrowed" the name as a tribute. We do occasionally get hits from old listeners and djs who leave comments.

Club80 have you been keeping track of them?

jeff said...

Jeff Foss is alive and well and living the good life in Florida for the past 15 years. He rides a huge Harley, boats, fishes, and dives in the blue waters and flies small planes all over the islands! Life is good for him and he is still in touch with some of the real movers and shakers that made P5 the magical broadcast it was. I'll tell him you said w'sup!

Anonymous said...

I was one of the djays that was on Jeff foss radio show at hofstra. I went by the name dj Kool g. I djayed with another dj named tuff thom whom I'm still in contact with. Jeff foss was super cool with us and let is dj when riz left to dj for wildman steves show at adelphi university. Would like to get in touch with Jeff again. A good guy who truly knew the music. that's my e mail Jeff. Hope all is well.

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