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The Jam - The Bitterest Pill


In September of 1982, The Jam released their twentieth single, "The Bitterest Pill (I Ever Had To Swallow)". It was backed by "Pity Poor Alfie" and "Fever". None of the tracks appeared on an album. The single reached the #2 spot on the U.K. singles chart. The Woking, England punk/mod revivalist band disbanded in 1982 after six studio albums. Paul Weller went on to form The Style Council. Bruce Foxton and Rick Buckler have toured together since but Paul Weller has no interest in a reunion.

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BOZ said...

Heard this for the first time in many years on Sunday on a car journey.... it provoked that inevitable discussion - well affirmation is probably a better word - of how exceedingly terrible The Style Council were for a songwriter of Weller's obvious stature...... sometimes the only way is down!!!!

Anonymous said...


On the othger hand, much of Paul Weller's early solo stuff is pretty terrific, while his latest release is marginal at best.

I guess talent be cyclical.

Club80 said...

The Jam were legendary. I don't think Weller wrote better songs after The Jam but I'm not wholly critical of The Style Council. I think "My Ever Changing Moods" was a great song that could have easily fit into the latter period of The Jam. I'm talking about the stripped down piano version.

jocksilver7 said...

as a 46-year old Jam fan, I guess I'll have to condone all of your comments, since each of them captures a part of reality. Now he titles himself the Modfather? Oh please ressurect Keith Moon! I've never been one to impose anything to anyone, but recently I've caught my two 9 and 13-year old sons nodding to "Setting Sons" in appreciation. You just can't deny some classics their majesty...

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