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The Exploited - Dead Cities


On this date in 1981, The Exploited released their fourth single, "Dead Cities". It was backed by "Hitler's In The Charts Again" and "Class War". None of the tracks appeared on a regular studio album. The single reached the #4 spot on the U.K. indie singles chart and the #31 spot on the overall U.K. singles chart. The Edinburgh, Scotland band was one of the U.K.'s original Oi! bands. They are still together but moved towards thrash by the late '80's.

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BOZ said...

A fine slice of unrefined punk... Although Wattie & co made some terrible records (Exploited Barmy Army, The Mod Song etc.. ) occasionally they hit the nail directly on the head.... I remember seeing this on TOTP when I was a kid and a few days later I saw a really badly drawn head with a mohawk on a wall and " THE EXPLODED " written underneath!!! - someone must have had bad TV reception that night!!!

Club80 said...

I agree. This is probably them at their best...even if, in some circles, it was credited to The Exploded!

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