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Cockney Rejects - Greatest Hits Volume II


On this date in 1980, Cockney Rejects released their second album, Greatest Hits Volume II. It was a followup up to their debut, Greatest Hits Volume I and a precursor to their next album, Greatest Hits Volume III. Of course, none were actually greatest hits albums, just wishful thinking, perhaps. Or sarcasm. It contained the single, "We Can Do Anything" and "The Greatest Cockney Ripoff". The London punk/Oi! band is still going strong.

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BOZ said...

This kind of felt like obnoxious reheats of disgarded ideas from the charmingly incompetent GREATEST HITS VOL 1. We shared a bill with the reformed Cockney Rejects in Dublin in 2002 and had a chat with Stinky Turner after a surprisingly amazing show! Mainly discussed his appearance at the beginning of the Boomtown Rats Live At The Rainbow '78 video in his Johnny Fingers Pyjamas showing the camera how to do "the Rat".... ..unfortunately this part is omitted in the DVD reissue of the gig. Hell of a nice guy, sitting backstage after the gig with a white towel, large cigar and glass of brandy like he just lept victorious from a boxing ring!!! That's the old east end charm for you!!!

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