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Dead Kennedys - Bleed For Me


On this date in 1982, the Dead Kennedys released their sixth single, "Bleed For Me". The B side was "Life Sentence". The A side appeared on their third album, Plastic Surgery Disasters. The B side was a non-LP track. The San Francisco hardcore punk band disbanded in 1986 after four albums, an EP and several singles. They re-formed in 2001 without frontman Jello Biafra.

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Video: Dead Kennedys - Bleed For Me - live 1984 - youtube

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BOZ said...

PSD - arguably the best album the DK's did... FOREST FIRE, MOON OVER MARIN, WELLPAID SCIENTIST, RIOT - It's a pretty special record!!!
It was a VERY bad mistake for the band minus Jello to tour as the Dead Kennedys a few years back... totally soiled what was previously an immaculate reputation. Strong personalities like Jello just can't be replaced and some things are definitely better left in the past. I'm sure the DKs was reasonably good to them all $$$$wise. It's definitely fucked up for good now though. The reputation seems to have vanished!!! A damn pity people can't respect their own creative oeuvre enough not to drag it through the septic pit!!!

Club80 said...

Still love Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables best. I played the tar out of that record when it first came out.
The legal battles between Jello and the rest of the band were NASTY. That will never be reconciled.

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