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Society Dog - Off The Leash


On this date in 1981, Society Dog released their second record, an EP called Off The Leash. It contained the tracks, "How Could I Feel It", "The Baby Is Dead", "Metropolitan Rush" and "On The Street". The San Francisco punk band released just two records before calling it quits without an album to their credit. Guitarist Joe Dirt also played with San Francisco bands The Fuck-Ups and The Undead. Vocalist Johnithin Christ also sang with Code Of Honor.

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mountain said...

Hell yeah, and they still play occasionally here in the bay area.
Joe Dirt shreds!

Anonymous said...

cover looks like same as dead kennedys album plastic surgey disasters?

Club80 said...

It certainly does

Gail said...

Yeah, it's the same photo as the one used on the DKs album

erin Mountain said...

Society Dog used it first, the DK's record came out the next year. Apparently, the DK's asked Jonithin around the time SD broke up if they could use the cover art, which is lame. Come up with your own shit. Then Joe went on to the Fuck-Ups, and the hatred and attempted black-balling of anything fuck-ups or society dog related ensued by all powers MRR or alternative testicles.

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