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Happy Birthday!


Mick Karn of Japan turns 50 today!

Japan, left to right: Steve Jansen, Rob Dean, David Sylvian,
Richard Barbieri and Mick Karn

Wikipedia: Japan

A Great Japan Fansite:

Video: Japan - The Art Of Parties - live 1982 - youtube

Blogload: Japan - Tin Drum -


Anonymous said...

Mick has a website although it hasn't been updated since November '07:

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I only have his first two albums. Know he has done lots more but don't know where to start. CN

Anonymous said...

His 3rd & 4th were kind of prog-ish and are considered some of his best work: Bestial Cluster and The Tooth Mother. There is a compilation, The Mick Karn Collection, that has highlights from those albums. My favorite MK lp was Each Eye A Path from 2000. His following lp, More Better Different was not very tasty imo, but his last one, Three Part Species, had some strong tracks. He has also done numerous collaborations and too much session work to name here. The website might be helpful for those.
The man is a remarkable musician and quite a unique character. Hope you'll find something you like. CL

Anonymous said...

Cool, thanks for that, now I'll try to track them down. I have all of Sylvian's stuff plus a few things by the other two including Worlds In A Small Room, Dolphin Brothers and an ambient thing thing they did in '97. I still adore MK's bass and kybds on Dalis Car and Dreams Of Reason is a cool album. Thanks again. CN

Club80 (Robever80) said...

A lot of Japan fans, I see.

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