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The Dials - All I Hear


On this date in 1979, The Dials released their debut single, "All I Hear". It was backed by "Running". The Middlesex, England punk/power pop band released just two singles before disbanding in 1980.

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Geoff Hemsley said...

Hi I was the drummer in the Dials -Geoff Hemsley.
After this single 'All I hear" the band recorded 'Get up and Dance' with the B side 'I thought her nose was bleeding but it was not'. It was a great time and the band gigged a lot on the London scene. We got friendly with 'The Members' and did some great supports with them at the old Marquee, Music Machine, The Venue. There is good live recording of the Dials at the Venue Victoria 1980.
The band didn't split but morphed into the house new dance scene as the group 'Thirteen at Midnight"
The original singer died very young which destroyed the band and by the early 1980's the punk thing had run its course.

MOOKIE said...

Hey Geoff, thanks for stopping by, and thanks for the update. Happy Xmas!

Club80 said...

Thanks Geoff!
I am going to track down that live record!
Thanks for the update. What are you up to nowadays?
Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

It's great to see this cover after so many years!

I was the roadie for the dials (unpaid of course!) and they were halcyon days! Not that I can remember much about them although I do remember playing the marquee, gate crashing a gary newman party and having our chance of fame (supporting New Order at an outdoor gig - Geoff confirm it was NO) ruined by a thunderstorm.

Club80 - Geof now runs a drumming school in London with soul icon Geno Washington

Neil Clarke said...

I'm Neil Clarke. I was the Dials' sax player. I will set the record straighter very soon; I'm a busy guy! :)

Roberto Fernando said...

I'd love to get my hand a copy of the Venue gig used to follow the Dials but was unable to attend that gig due to illness.

Was in the same class as Geoff at Ashford college.

Great days great times !!

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