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Culture Club - White Boy


On this date in 1982, Culture Club released their first single, "White Boy". It was backed by "Love Twist". Both songs appeared on their debut album, Kissing To Be Clever. While the single did not crack the top 100 in the U.K., number one singles were on their way for the band by year's end. The London, England new wave band lasted until 1986.

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Planet Mondo said...

OMG - I had this, I'd forgotten all about it. Around this time I also bought several shirts and tops from Sue Clowes The Foundary shop in Carnaby Street and was served by Boy George when he worked there in his pre fame days. They were last seen being used by my mum when cleaning the car. And don't get me started on what I did with my Westwood McClaren gear

Club80 said...

That's awesome that you shopped there. Did you get the Westwood McClaren gear at "Sex"?

Planet Mondo said...

Nah - I visited Kings Road in summer of 1980 hoping to shop at Seditioniries, but it was being refitted as Worlds End. I came back next year and bought some the Worlds End tops and scarves (which I later swapped for a £7 frilly shirt - how gutted)

I bought my Foundary gear summer 82

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