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The Bollock Brothers - The Act Became Real


In March of 1981, The Bollock Brothers released their debut single, "The Act Became Real". It was backed by "The Actor (Dub-Le)" (which was a dub version of the A side). It was a 12 inch single. The A side appeared on their 1983 debut studio album, The Last Supper. The band started out as a side project for 4BE2, the London punk band whose members included Jimmy Lydon (John's brother). He did not last in The Bollock Brothers but the band continued on and is still recording and performing today.

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monsterpop said...

i bought many a Bollock Brothers record( more fool me)cos of the tenuous Pistols link,and id have to say that pretty much everything they ever did was crap!
apart from Why Dont Rangers Sign A Catholic( supposedly with Cook n Jones),,as Pope Paul And The Romans!



MOOKIE said...

The only thing I liked besides their Sex Pistols covers was the song Horror Movies, and that was kind of a novelty song anyway.

Club80 said...

And I like this record. Everyone's taste is different.
"Horror Movies" was an entertaining novelty song which hits my personal playlist every October.

MOOKIE said...

Also, forgot about Harley David-Son-of-a-Bitch.

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