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Rodney on the ROQ


"Rodney a renowned Hollywood personality and radio disc jockey on the well-known Los Angeles rock station, KROQ. Often referred to as 'The Mayor of Sunset Strip' he has been a fixture in rock and roll circles since the mid-1960s..."

Blogload 1: Rodney On The ROQ vol.1 - 1980

Blogload 2: Rodney On The ROQ vol.2 - 1981

Both blogloads courtesy of

If anyone can find Rodney on the ROQ Vol. 3 please post it in the comments.


Anonymous said...

Label: Posh Boy Records
Cat. #: PBS 140
Released: 1982

1. KENT STATE "Radio Moscow"
2. VANDALS "Urban Struggle"
3. ILL REPUTE "Clean Cut American Kid"
4. JFA "Preppy"
5. CHANNEL 3 "Separate Peace"
6. CATCH 22 "Stop the Cycle"
7. PARIAH "Up to Us"
8. RED SCARE "Streetlife"
9. NO CRISIS "She's Into the Scene"
10. RUDI "Crimson"
11. UNIT 3 WITH VENUS "Pajama Party"
12. BANGLES "Bitchen Summer"
13. ACTION NOW "Try"
14. SIGNALS "Gotta Let Go"
15. GAYLE WELCH "Day of Age"
16. RADIO MUSIC "Johnny Angel
17. DAVID HINES "Land of 1000 Dances"


I know it's old but fuck, they just sent it to me. This compilation has been out for a few months already. The next one (#4) should be out soon. Rodney does it again. Another half punkrock half poprock record. Side A lives up to the other ROQ comps but Side B is the worst B side of all. Sorry but I find it unlistenable.
-Javi Savage (from Big City #4, July/August 1983)

What the hell? Is this the year of the compilation records or what? Jeezus give me a break! This is similar to the other ROTR records, one side's OK and the other sucks. Side A isn't all that bad, but how can you miss with gnarlers like JFA and the Vandals? Other good bands on the disc are No Crisis (see exclusive Paranoia interview), Ill Repute, CH3, Pariah, Catch 22. I wouldn't buy this record, but what the hell we got it for free so...
-Jone (from Paranoia #6, Spring 1983)

Like the earlier volumes, one side is punk and one side is pop. Lots of the bands are new to vinyl, including Kent State, Ill Repute, Catch 22, and Red Scare. The vets are CH3, J.F.A., No Crisis, Pariah, and Rudi from Ireland. Most of Side 1 is anthemic, melodic punk. I won't deal with the flip except to say that the Bangles track is much rawer than their EP.
-Tim Yohannon (from Maximum Rock'n'Roll #4, January/February 1983)

MOOKIE said...

Thanks Anon, now all we need is a link to the download...Anybody???

John Eje Thelin said...

Man, I'd completely forgotten about these two (don't think I ever heard #3), but these were a very important part of me turning Punk at 14. Thanks so much!

Club80 said...

We'll have to keep an eye out for volume 3. Anyone?

LAWLITA said...

Here's my personal rip of...
Label: Posh Boy Records
Cat.#: PBS 140
Released: 1982
MP3 VBR 0 ~ 271 kbps
Total Playtime: 00:45:11
Complete Artwork Included
PACKED & Encrypted w/7-Zip:
Sincerely yours...LAWLITA

MOOKIE said...

Wow, thanks LAWLITA! Our request is almost two years old and FINALLY someone has pulled thru.

chris sessions said...

I'm trying to unzip this file on a mac using EZ7Z. It says that the file is corrupt. Am I doing something wrong? I'm excited to check out this comp, so any information is appreciated.


MOOKIE said...

Maybe these




chris sessions said...

thanks mookie, this is a .7z file and those don't work... but i did find something that would:


here's the link:

can't wait to hear it.

thanks for all the great tunes!

MOOKIE said...

Oops, sorry Chris. I didn't read thru the previous comments to see that it was a .7z file. Most of the music we find is in .rar so I just assumed. My bad.

I'm glad you found a solution.

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