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Iggy Pop - Run Like A Villain


On this date in 1982, Iggy Pop released his seventeenth solo single, "Run Like A Villain". It was backed by "Platonic". Both tracks appeared on his ninth solo album, Zombie Birdhouse.

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Anonymous said...

you know, you really need to create some pages for your blog so you're not messing with people. I came in here on a search, and sat for like three minutes while this monster downloaded and froze my browser up. Be a good net citizen and chop it up into digestible pages, please. Yeesh.

MOOKIE said...

I always ask the readers about the load times. Let me know What kind of connection/computer/operating system you are on. I can load this on my Blackberry with no problem. It's usually one of the scripts in the side panels that takes too long to load.

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